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Ramat Gan, a city split from Tel Aviv by a major road, is one of the diamond capitals of the world. Its Diamond Exchange District contains four skyscrapers which can be seen from pretty well anywhere in Tel Aviv (and you will certainly see if you look left from your plane as you approach Tel Aviv). Among these is the Moshe Aviv Tower, which is Israel’s tallest building!
Within the Israel Diamond Exchange are some 2,800 companies which cover every aspect of the industry – cutting, trading, marketing, brokerage, import, and …

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ISRAEL: Did Mount Sinai Just Move Country?

It has taken him more than a decade, but Italian-Israeli archeologist Prof. Emmanuel Anati now believes his controversial view that the biblical Mount Sinai is in Israel’s Negev desert rather than Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula will soon be adopted by the Vatican.

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SOUTH AFRICA: Oldest Human Species Found – May Have Been Cannibal?

There’s a good chance it was a tiny little cannibalistic tree swinger, but the newly identified Homo gautengensis is family, according to a new study.

Thought to have used tools—and possibly fire—the creature is the oldest named species in the human genus, Homo, study author Darren Curnoe says.

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EASTER ISLAND: Scientists reveal the secrets of the Island’s fallen idols

According to Polynesian legend, the stone monoliths of Easter Island were put into place by a king who invoked divine power to command the statues to walk. Archaeologists have long preferred the more prosaic theory that they were heaved into position along a network of purpose-built tracks.
But the first British archaeological expedition in nearly a century to the archipelago, whose giant artifacts have long baffled academics and explorers, has arrived at a conclusion which threatens to overturn a 50-year-old consensus about the role played by the island’s ancient road system.
The …